CollectA Brontosaurus in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

The long-awaited and eagerly anticipated CollectA Brontosaurus model has arrived at our warehouse and it is now in stock.  The last of the 2018 prehistoric animal models to be introduced by CollectA, a replica of one of the most iconic of all the dinosaurs, “thunder lizard”, is available to purchase and team members have been busy contacting those Everything Dinosaur customers who wanted to reserve one of these sauropods.

The CollectA Brontosaurus Model is in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

CollectA Brontosaurus replica.
The CollectA Brontosaurus dinosaur model.

“Bully for Brontosaurus”

The name “Brontosaurus” might be very well known, but scientifically this particular genus of Late Jurassic, long-necked dinosaur has had a rather chequered history.  The genus name Brontosaurus was erected by the famous American palaeontologist Othniel Charles Marsh, however, the fossilised bones he ascribed to this new genus came from the same quarry where the dinosaur called Apatosaurus had been discovered two years earlier.

Brontosaurus became controversial, as it was very similar to Apatosaurus and from the same geological sequence and locality.  It was thought that Brontosaurus fossils were actually the same as those of Apatosaurus and therefore, since Apatosaurus was named first, Apatosaurus should take precedence.  The name Brontosaurus was relegated to a junior synonym of Apatosaurus.  The decision to finally and formally drop Brontosaurus from the scientific literature was taken back in 1970.

The Brontosaurus Model with Two CollectA Mantellisaurus Models

CollectA Mantellisaurus models and a CollectA Brontosaurus.
The CollectA Brontosaurus and two CollectA Mantellisaurus models.

In 2015, a scientific paper was published following a comprehensive review of the Apatosaurinae sub-family, one of the most thorough examinations of fossil material ever undertaken.  Following this review, the genus name Brontosaurus was resurrected, it having been established that the fossilised bones ascribed to the Brontosaurus genus were sufficiently different from those of Apatosaurus to warrant their own genus.

To read our 2015 article that explains the resurrection of the Brontosaurus genus in more detail: The Return of Brontosaurus.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“It is wonderful to have a Brontosaurus figure added to the CollectA model range. Dinosaur fans and model collectors can now add a replica of one of the most iconic and famous of all the dinosaurs to their collections.  We were delighted to welcome “thunder lizard” into our product portfolio.”

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

The CollectA Brontosaurus Model

The CollectA Brontosaurus model measures a fraction under 31 centimetres in length, so it is quite a sizeable dinosaur model.  The head height is around 10.5 centimetres.  Whilst this range from CollectA does not have an official scale, if the replica represents Brontosaurus excelsus (this translates as noble thunder lizard), then this new piece from CollectA represents a dinosaur that could grow to around 22 metres long.  Therefore, the scale of this model is approximately 1:72 or thereabouts.

The design team at CollectA have given the Brontosaurus dermal spines.  Many sauropods are known to have had dermal spines and osteoderms, but how they were arranged remains a mystery.  The CollectA Brontosaurus has a central row of spines running from the neck down to the base of the tail and two further rows running parallel to each other down the rest of the tail.  This is the first time that such an arrangement of spines have been placed on a figure like this.

A View of the Dermal Spines on the CollectA Brontosaurus Model

The dermal spines highlighted on the CollectA Brontosaurus dinosaur model.
The CollectA Brontosaurus with its rows of dermal spines. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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