Supporting STEM – Dinosaurs in the Science Lab

Everything Dinosaur was invited to Shire Oak Academy (West Midlands), to take part in a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), day in support of science teaching in schools.  In a fun packed day, we delivered four dinosaur and fossil themed workshops with Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 children.  Our dinosaur expert explained how fossils formed and the children got to handle lots of dinosaur fossils as well as learning about how giant prehistoric sharks could swallow their teacher in one bite.

Fossil Themed Workshop

Science experiments included weighing and measuring different vertebrae, looking at what bones are made of (the science of the barbecue), dinosaur blood and the recipe for cloning a Woolly Mammoth!

The Science Lab – All Ready for Dinosaur Themed Experiments

A well appointed laboratory in a school.

Well resourced teaching facilities, all ready for a fossil themed workshop.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Breaking Bones

We even promised the children that their teacher would break a few bones (all in the interests of vertebrate palaeontology of course).  Our thanks to the STEM day organisers and to all the teachers and teaching assistants who took part.  Our dinosaur workshops were certainly a big hit, the event organiser commented:

“Thank you Everything Dinosaur!  I will definitely be in touch again next year!”

Feedback from Teachers and Children

In a very busy programme, we did get some time to receive feedback from the teachers who saw our dinosaur workshops.

Mrs Chantler (KS2 teacher) stated:

“The dinosaur workshop was engaging and inclusive.  Use of objects made the subject accessible to all, the children were fascinated.”

Mrs Vann (teacher) commented:

“The children were fascinated with the teeth comparisons.”

Katie in Year 7 exclaimed:

“The workshop was amazing, I wish we could do this everyday!”

All in all, I think we can safely say that our contribution to the STEM day and our dinosaur workshops was very well received.

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