Everything Dinosaur’s First Prediction for 2011 Proved Correct

Just for a bit of fun, whilst some of our team members were working over the Christmas and New Year period, we put our heads together and wrote a list of palaeontological predictions for 2011.  We came up with seven predictions of likely scenarios that we thought would take place in the following twelve months.

Everything Dinosaur

There were no prizes to be awarded, it was simply a case of debating amongst ourselves what might happen with Everything Dinosaur in particular and Earth sciences in general over the next year.

For the article that lists our predictions: Everything Dinosaur Predictions for 2011.

It is pleasing to note that our first prediction, that a new genus of ceratopsian would be announced, has already come true.  Yesterday, we wrote an article concerning the strange case of Titanoceratops; a new genus of horned dinosaur that had originally been ascribed to Pentaceratops sternbergi.  So just over a month gone and the first of our predictions has already come true.

A Schleich Pentaceratops Model – Or is it Titanoceratops?

Schleich Pentaceratops.

Schleich Pentaceratops available from Everything Dinosaur. A new dinosaur that was originally described as a Pentaceratops is now regarded as a separate genus – Titanoceratops.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Mind you, you don’t have to have a crystal ball to identify that with so much more research being directed at the centrosaurines and chasmosaurines at the moment, the announcement of a new genus was almost bound to happen.  Still, we can say that we got something right, we were on the nose as it were and a horned one at that.  Check out the Everything Dinosaur blog for further news and updates about our 2011 predictions.

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